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‘I want to say thank you to the whole Extended Hands team for always helping me when i was alone. They helped me through my depression and talked to me. They also came and gave me practical support helping me and my kids through tough situations. Since I am disabled and struggle to get from place to place, they also helped me with transportation services. They are like angels for me; sometimes I think GOD sent me these angels. Thanks a lot for everything you have done for me and my kids.’



‘Many thanks to Extended Hands. Committed volunteers who stretch their hands out to reach out to those in need.’



I was in an oppressive relationship, I had next to no self esteem & suffered from depression & anxiety. These were indeed trying times but thanks to the help, support & motivation of Extended Hands I am now able to face the world with a renewed confidence. Extended Hands has been a true blessing to me & has been an essential part of my recovery. I do believe if I did not have Extended Hands to help & support me through my journey then I would not be here now. I pray that Extended Hands continues to grow in strength and numbers & countinues to change the lives of many others whom also feel lost, alone & destitute.

Extended Hands is a happy, friendly place that brings all manner of women together, you can talk and interact with each other and support from the others when you have problems, no matter how big or small.

Extended Hands promotes love, friendship amongst women who could be going through some difficulties in life.

Extended hands like everything that is one place where I going. I don't have anyone except Extended Hands

Very empowering and great. I have friends now and I feel I can ask for help and they always here for me.

Thank you so much for everything for every single help!.

So much effort and love to make women feel special... Really shows the unconditional accepting love of Extended Hands and those involved. Just need more women to come along.

"When I first came to extended hands I was very quiet and shy (not anymore as most of you probably know) and I thought to myself how am I supposed to talk to all these other ladies? I was the youngest out of all the group and was thinking that people would judge why a young, single mum would be coming or people would think she's put herself into this situation so why should we feel empathy? Has she not got better things to do at her age? But I was very much wrong. All the ladies and volunteers were so helpful a problem shared was a problem halved every time you had a problem a solution was always found at Extended Hands. Sometimes my children would run around and cause havoc and what did everyone do? Jump in and lend a helping hand just like family. That's what Extended Hands is: a big extended family no matter what colour, age, race or ethnicity you are, no one judges you. My confidence has taken such a boost that now I have become a volunteer at Extended Hands and enjoy talking to ladies, meeting ladies out of extended Hands for a chat or maybe them with services in their house or out and about and I don't get paid but what the biggest pay out is hearing ladies responses and praise on how they felt after I have helped them. Now I think about a future and a career because it's not just about tea, coffee and cakes it's about building yourself up in life and reaching out to others and helping them reach the ladders to success. The team have their own families but without a doubt they are always finding ways to keep Extended Hands running and recognisable aiming to meet all the needs of everyone that attends. Day and night, Extended Hands will always to be there for you to lean on. My quote is: I'm learning, I'm laughing, I'm living."


'I am unable to leave my flat alone , extended hands has and is a lifeline to me by accompanying me to buy food and pay bills. If I am nervous they calm me and always listen.With out their help my physical and mental health would be back to where it was , at rock bottom! They are invaluable to people like myself.'

KR, 09/17

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