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Saturday the 1st of August 2015 saw the wonderful ladies of Extended Hands united once again, for much fun & frolicking.

We gathered together at Ferry Meadows for a scrumptious picnic & some outlandish games.

We started off by playing catch with a soccer ball. Then we did a few warm-up exercises, to get those muscles working. Afterwhich I really got the kids going with a vigorous dance workout to 'Follow the Leader'.

Now that we were all warmed-up & worn out, it was time for some skill testing with a friendly 'Ring Toss' game. All participants received their choice of a minion sticker.

With everyone’s appetite well stimulated, it was time to chow down on a delicious widespread feast for all. Provided by Khali Smalley, Flo Okpara & myself. The food must have been good because everyone was doing a lot of eating & not a lot of talking, that’s always a good sign.

After food, Flo Okpara gave out some Extended Hands bags & a few gifts to reward our lovely ladies. We also learnt that the 2nd of August was 'National Friendship Day'. So now, with all fed & watered, it was time for some more crazy fun.

The kids enjoyed racing along with boiled eggs under chin. Then mums & kids had their ankles tied together for a bit of three legged racing. Then it was time for some 'Spaghetti Madness'; by using only their mouths & with their hands behind their backs. The kids had to fish out some sweets that had been hidden within the cooked spaghetti.

Mums time to SHINE 
Who is the fastest mum on the field..?

This race had to be run twice, due to a little cheats speculation, going before the whistle blows. Alas I did not partake, due to being in charge of the photos. maybe next time. Back to the 'Spaghetti Madness'.. This time the kids had to fish out marbles with their feet & put it in a cup to get a lollipop, showing great skill & control.

We finised up by feeding all the leftovers to the Ducks, Geese & Swans. grin emoticon

A fantastic day was had by all. Much love & laughter was gifted & received.Very much looking forward to the next Extended Hands get together.

If you are a lady looking to make new friends, perhaps you need a little support or just need a friendly ear to listen. Then Extended Hands is right for you. We love to welcome new ladies, maybe you know someone that would benefit from being a part of our community outreach charity group.

So please get in contact & come join in with the fun, love & laughter.

Hope to see some new faces soon.

Done by: Laurie Ann Loveridge

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