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The official launch of Extended Hands was an amazing end to an extraordinary year. Ordinary women dared to step out and reach out to women in need in our society.

Extended Hands aims to make a difference in the lives of women who are facing different challenges. We believe that no woman should suffer alone.

We are here to extend a hand of friendship, encouragement and to cheer women on to rise up and be courageous to confront challenges in their journey and overcome all the hurdles we come across together. The overwhelming support from the Honourable Mayor David Over, Councillor Lisa Forbes, PCVS Chief Executive Officer Leonie McCarthy, and Pastor Tim Jones on this day inspires us to soldier on and make a difference.

Above all the support and gratitude of Extended Hands friends and clients makes what we do worthwhile.

We were supported by many to make this day a success; you all know who you are and you are amazing.

Special thanks to PICC for letting us use their building. We are grateful for the support and kind donations from various well-wishers.

We are certain that 2015 will be a greater success.

We will continue to touch lives one at a time!

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