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Our Mission

We are a community based outreach team working proactively with women and girls in the Peterborough area in order to relieve the feelings of isolation, loneliness, marginalisation and rejection in a way which mobilises, befriends and empowers them to achieve social and economic inclusion. In short -

“To promote social, emotional and practical support to women”

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that no woman/ girl feels isolated, lonely, marginalised or rejected.

  • Connect women with local support and networks.
  • Identify opportunities for women to grow.
  • Provide befriending services to women young and old.
  • Celebrating the uniqueness of women.
  • Opening routes for women’s voices.
  • Delivering skills opportunities vocational and educational
  • Coaching and mentoring women
  • Removing the barriers for women into volunteering and job opportunities.

Become a Volunteer

Join a special group of volunteers that give women the confidence of knowing that life-saving support is always near.

Who We Are

We are surrounded by people who need help to get back on their feet. When we help and support others, we make our lives and theirs better. Extended Hands is making a difference by reaching out, accepting, supporting, helping and lifting its service beneficiaries who just need a hand-up not a hand-out.

The organisation provides care and support in compassionate and practical ways and aims to help, serve and encourage women and girls who hacve lost their sense of hope and meaning to live and thrive again.

Studies have shown that women are key players towards world change and that when they are fully engaged and empowered society benefits enormously.

Extended Hands is investing in the lives of these women and girls, especially those who are needy and vulnerable. Based in Peterborough, Extended Hands fosters social inclusion, integration and transformation; promoting the well-being of women and girls (especially those who are needy and vulnerable) by providing social, economic, emotional and practical support.

More About Us

  • Extended Hands is a Community based project for women.
  • Extended Hands offers friendship, support and practical help to women regardless of social class, race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, age or sexual orientation.
  • Extended Hands reaches out, so no woman has to suffer in silence, feel lonely or unloved.
  • Extended Hands is run by women for women.
  • Extended Hands is a not for profit organisation.
  • Extended Hands celebrates women.
  • Creating awareness of the danger of isolation and loneliness for women through community outreach program.
  • Identifying and supporting women (young/old) who are at risk of loneliness and isolation.
  • Offering preventative, proactive early intervention help, to women who are at risk of developing illness such as postnatal depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Advocating for at-risk women, by encouraging families to provide support to their isolated loved ones.
  • Providing a listening ear and moral support to all our Extended Hands friends. Referring to other organisations and local government services, counsellors and groups of faith for specialist support.
  • Promoting the efficiency of other charities and local government by working alongside them, and providing a service for them to refer women in need.
  • Working in collaboration with other organizations with similar or complimentary services.
  • Client home visits.
  • Tea meetings.
  • Social and fun events.
  • Prison visits.
  • Hospital visits and adult care

Our Volunteers

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